Want to troubleshoot your problems; here is the most powerful strategy

By Amina Yaqoob

I planned to write something about stress management, especially in students, but later I figured out that there is another most relevant and important topic to be addressed, called problem fixation. You can name it as “problem mitigation” or “problem resolution plan”.

I’ve witnessed many people who failed to give their best in practical lives due to the multiple reasons chaos going on their minds. Usually, these are family matters, career failure, unsuccessful research project, workplace politics, or future fears. Likewise, I also experienced several challenges throughout my academic career but tried my best to cope up by following this very effective and my self-created strategy of problem fixation. The principle is solve what you can through the best possible ways you have. Here, I have illustrated it for your convenience and I am sure you’ll find this surprisingly helpful. Unbelievably, it’s a very productive method to clear out the hurdles in your career path.

So, Let’s start this, but first, read the ground rules:

  • Be honest to yourself
  • You need a forward-looking mind and promising behavior to follow this plan.
  • Do remember, the only person who can help you is YOU, so be determined and optimistic in your approach. If you want to resolve your issues in actuality, you have to think logically.


All you need is to grab a pencil and paper, find a silent place, get biased emotions out of your mind and picture it. Now, follow these steps, one by one.

    1. Things you take for granted someone else is praying for, so, count your blessings and write them down (at least ten).
    2. Make another list of all the problems you are going through. Remember, if you can well state your problem, you have already solved half of it.
    3. Now compare these two lists. If your blessings outnumbered your problems, then why are you even thinking about it? As said by Tony Gaskins, “If you can’t do anything about it then let it go. Don’t be a prisoner to the things you cannot change”. Take a deep breath, look into the bright side of the picture, and be grateful to the fact that your problems are not exceeding your blessings.

The majority of the volunteers whoever followed this strategy couldn’t move to step 4. Instead, they found themselves blessed. We only focus on our worries and ignore the blessings we already have.

  1. In case, you find your problems outnumbered your blessings (which is quite impossible), then you’ll be doing some extra steps. Handle one matter at a time and ask yourself, can I fix this issue myself? If your answer is No, then why are you even thinking about it? Let things happen in their way. “If I am not the part of a solution then I am a problem”.  Take a deep breath, look into the bright side of the image, and be grateful to the fact that your problems are not exceeding your blessings.

  1. What if; your answer is, Yes! I can fix this issue.

That’s great, you are accepting a challenge and ready for the effort to achieve your goal. You Plan systematically and move patiently, figure out the ground reason and plan small steps to make your plan successful. Be assertive in managing time and your work-life balance. Give your best and then hope for the best. Here is an example given:


Summing up, seek out the answers to your queries. The lessons in life will repeat themselves until we learn. Your problems are not bigger than your aims, so overcome your fears, and try your best to cross all the barriers without giving up. We already possess outstanding problem-solving capacities; just a systematic way is needed to help us out. Life is a continuous cycle, if good times have moved on, so will the times of trouble. Have fun with my “problem fixation strategy” and share it with others to help them too.